The Best Skincare Routine Products 2020

Let’s talk about a skincare routine, I am sure you instantly think about your face. The prime and importance we all give to our face, isn’t it? At the time of interaction with someone, always look first at the other person’s face. Which is too obvious to understand the body language and gesture that with deep interest, that person is expressing. Before starting with the blog, I assume that you are aware something about skincare routine. No worries if you don’t know much about it. To explain about skin from the very beginning, surely it would be more interesting.

Some Facts About SKIN

Skin is scientifically known as Derma. Skincare routine is the technique by which we let our outside layer glow and shine throughout the day. Applying makeup give us a temporary young look which we need occasionally or light makeup daily. But taking care of our Derma daily makes our skin healthy and shiny. Besides reading so many articles and blogs are you not able to see the improvements in your skin? In addition to that, have you purchased a number of elite skincare products which are just lying on your dressing table? This happens when you not only get busy with your regular job and also tired immensely. And don’t devote time to yourself. In addition to that, are you in travelling job that works according to exact clock. Lets, try to make things simple for you.

Sun And Skin Relationship

Excessive sun exposure harms the epidermis layer. Epidermis is the uppermost layer of the skin. The relationship between sun and skin is unlike for those people where summers for 12 months. Nevertheless, for skin protection people use an umbrella. Because excessive skin exposure causes pigmentation.

Surgery And Skin Relationship

Using good derma products and additionally eating healthy food also stops the ageing factor to some extent. On the other hand, there are several surgical treatments taken by a number of people. Nonetheless, if we maintain our skin from a young age, despite to It is quite possible that we shall not depend on these very expensive surgeries. By taking care of Derma, anyone can prevent from various skin diseases. In today’s life, people are more dependent upon skincare products for their maintenance. In contrast not eating and living healthy. So, let us start our journey about a skincare routine and more.


Sometimes people use products contrary to the skin type. Can possible that they are not much aware about it. Whereas knowledge about skin type is essential before picking any skincare product. Otherwise, the skin will not get proper treatment and care. Possibly will not see the effect of the skincare items. Alternatively, you will stop using the products with upset heart. Picking products on the basis of low price is incorrect if it is conversely to the skin. Don’t get attracted to the highly discounted price of the product if it is not for your derma. Come on, let us understand the types of skin, then you may relate your texture and skin type.

Types Of Skin With Description
  • Oily Skin — Oily skin surely is conceded by its big pores, shiny, greasy, etc. As we know that oily skin generates sebum very fast so it is advisable to pick oil-controlling products. It is suggested to keep on washing your face and keep tissue paper.
  • Normal or Ordinary Skin — Normal skin will be conceded as soft, balanced, clear, etc.
  • Dry Skin — Dry skin will be recognized by its roughness, scaly, flaky, etc. For daily usage can opt glycerin related products to get your skin hydrated. 
  • Combination peel — Combination skin may be recognized by “T — Zone” and “C — Zone”. T-Zone consists of the Forehead area, Nose area & Chin area and C-Zone consists of Cheeks. In this, you will find the T – zone as oily and C-zone as dry.
  • Sensitive peel — You may be recognized during the usage of makeup products. You can apply some product on your wrist to check the sensation. If you feel like that dermis is burning or itching is there. Avoid using that product. Even so use Argan oil with related products which tolerate by the skin.


Skincare routine is an activity which needs to perform day and night. In return for doing this, you will get differing  skin from others. When you see yourself in a mirror. You suddenly come up with a desire for young skin and beautiful face for which all women always ask for. By following skincare routine miracle will start happening.

Skincare is internally and externally equally important. At times happen that we cannot carry makeup on certain places at that time frame only our well-maintained skin shines in front of the world. I’m sure that you heard about the “Natural Beauty”. Our Previous generation generally takes natural treatment for the maintenance of the skin.

Youth Beauty And Skincare Routine

With the passage of time – from baby to child, child to youth, youth to young, young to old. Age cycle states that, our age shifts from one cycle to another, the same way preference of products get shifted from one normal cream to anti-ageing cream. Grace and health of the skin can be maintained through a regular skincare routine.

Youthfulness of skin can be maintained by the product quality which you are using and how’s it impacting to your skin. Below mentioned process of skincare will not only slow down the ageing but it can be postponed for further more duration. Firstly, we need to understand for fixing beauty for permanent duration, there is no such cosmetic made. To fix the young look forever and stops the old-age for forever is not yet possible. It’s a natural process which will happen time on time. Secondly, by following skincare routine religiously assures you with well firmed skin. Thirdly, before applying cosmetics and after removing makeup CTM is very essential. Now, let’s understand the basic and universal rules of how to follow it.

Step1: Cleansing

  • C (Cleansing) — In the first place we will use cleanser. It is not only clean the face, but also remove dust, oil from the outer derm. Pick cleanser according to your skin type and apply it gently with your fingertips. Finally, Wash your face with Luke warm water and then pat dry with a towel or cotton. The matter of fact, important thing I would like to add that cleansing is not used for massaging purpose. In like manner, it is just and just to clean your face. It prevents from blocked pores, acne, oil control, dirt, etc.
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Step2: Toning

  • T (Toner) — After cleansing subsequently, we will do toning. In addition, it is counted as the second step. Generally, professionals put toner on a light cotton pad, then gently clean the face by itself. Means they coupled two necessary required things. But, somewhere it feels like wastage of products. For the best solution can use a spray bottle and spray on your face by some distance. Then, with fingertips can gently move the fingertips in circular motion cover from face to neck. In this fashion you can save product wastage. It helps to close the pores and tighten the epidermis layer. Helps to balance the PH level of the skin more effectively. It gives a bit of relaxation to your skin. The toner helps to create the first thin layer on your skin.
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Step3: Moisturizing

  • M (Moisturizer) — Trust me, Moisturizer helps to give a smooth touch to your epidermis layer. This creates a second thin layer on your skin. It’s a perfect way to hydrate your skin. You can feel the suppleness. It plays an important part in the skincare routine to make skin happy. Apply SPF after moisturizer while you go out In the light of the sun.
Remember first, second and third steps always of CTM
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Essential Skincare Products Of 2020

  • Exfoliation — Scrubs exfoliate the dead peal at the time of scrubbing. Always recommended that do not use it daily. Can use it after 15 days. While using scrub you can feel tiny particles. Above all, wash your face till these particles get removed from your face. Otherwise, it will keep on irritating your eyes.
Face Mask
  • Face Mask — Face mask is a very thin layer of paper. Which is highly utilized every day. Face mask helps to refresh the Derm last not least to make it breathe as well. Term Face Mask is very clear with its individual words. As we all know that we daily apply light or heavy makeup as per our schedule and daily routine. This is highly recommended. Equally important like other travelling necessities.
  • Cleanser — First and the foremost step of CTM serves to clean the derma. Apply cleanser with a gentle fingertip on the entire face, then clean it with wet cotton. You may see the dirt will automatically come out on the cotton pad and then you will feel that your skin starts breathing. But, before applying it, ensure that it should be of your skin type.
  • Toner — Second step of CTM helps to close the open pores and tighten the skin. Toner gives a light icy and relaxation feel. Again, would like to recommend the usage of fingertips will be more helpful to your skin. However use spray toner to avoid touching the skin and feel relaxed for some seconds.
  • Moisturizer — Moisturizer uses after the toner. It helps to make dry and dull skin super smoother. The last step of CTM actually makes skin glow.

Tips For Skincare

Today, Female is very confident about things what she needs or what she doesn’t need. She has desires and dreams and for its accomplishment, she is trying so hard. Women are wise like a mother and glamorous like an actress. The entire day her hard-work, her knowledge and her wise mind and of course her beauty plays an important role. Now a days women love to start her day with the skincare routine so that her glam and confidence maintained mutually.

Selfie Code Of Skincare

To maintain the young and beautiful look, every woman uses Makeup products and follows tips for skincare. But before using, any product makes sure that the very first layer of the skin must be problem-free. Then only you may enjoy the makeup with different looks. And can say can enjoy the makeup look by taking selfies with your chicks. Tips for skincare are like as Hacks or can say cheat codes. Like, in the absence of cleanser people have started using wipes nowadays. This can be the shortcut, but it is always recommended for the old school days’ rule of cleansing only to clean the face. Wipes also can be used only and only when the cleanser is not available. Below are the basic pointers of tips for skincare need to be taken care of:-

  1. Use Sunscreen, after moisturizer. Then your skin will be covered under the protective shield.
  2. The skin gets dry when you wash your face. Drinking of water is equally important as following the skincare routine.
  3. Repudiate to carry makeup at the time when you are going to sleep. Identically it says after a good bath you need a washed and ironed clothes so that you can feel happy and relaxed.
  4. Maintain the PH level of your derma. PH full form is Potential of Hydrogen. The quality of the skin is uniquely measured on this parameter. 
  5. Small face exercises for a younger look. By the way, light makeup suddenly increases your beauty if the skin is well maintained.
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Useful Tips For Skincare

  1. Flawless skin is gained only by good diet and correct product usage according to the skin type.
  2. As seen, Frequently changing skincare product also hampers the texture of the skin.
  3. Drinking maximum water too contributes to remove the toxins from the body and makes the skin glow. Moreover, in a case you forget to drink water. You may download any application which keeps on alarming you to drink water now.
  4. As well as take proper 8-9 hours sleep so that skin can rest and breathe with you.
  5. Excess of sunlight, heat, etc together without SPF can damage the outer layer of the skin.
  6. Of course, do carry sunglass to protect eyelid from sun rays.
  7. Whenever you use a toner, ensure that your cotton pads are lightly wet.

Hope Tips For Skincare Are Informative

  1. In the case of acne refer dermatologist for proper treatment and don’t pop any acne. Possibly, It may become any kind of serious infection.
  2. Wash your face when you feel any kind of irritation at the time of applying. And avoid using it in the future.
  3. The most important thing in Skincare products is that you need to cross-check the expiry of products before using it. Likewise, as we do in the case of the packed food.
  4. Smoking makes the skin dull. Avoid it. Comparatively it excessively destroys your skin internally and externally as compared to other hazardous things.
  5. For happier skin, you need to stay away from stress. Correspondingly and eventually you will start getting results.
  6. Rosewater helps to reduce the redness of the skin. Similarly the way we put our head under the running tap water when we feel highly stressed. 
  7. The furthermost important thing is that Vitamin B3, C and E are good for skin and body.

Unique Tips For Skincare

  1. Additionally and most of the most important thing is that when a body is fit from inside it will shine outside.
  2. As a piece of the information who doesn’t know – Skin treatment is done by a dermatologist, They are the doctor of skin.
  3. To create a layered product should be applied one by one. Do not mix all together to save time or to avoid the process. Undoubtedly, you will not get the result of the product if process is not followed.
  4. Unquestionably follow the mentioned quantity as described by the brand on “How to use”.
  5. Obviously and recommended to all spend some time in nature. Your skin will starts smiling.

By following small tips of skincare you can maintain your skin to some extent. Particularly people feel it difficult it in initial days then it becomes their habit to do it. Yes, but making daily habit will give wonderful results.

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Pigmentation Skincare

Hey Gorgeous, are you worried about pigmentation? And especially for this you keep on reading about it from here and there. Clearly, in this blog we will try to give you the maximum information as you are seeking for. Importantly, our priority will be on Pigmentation Skincare. So, that you can help yourself and guide people around you who is facing these changes in the skin.

If you are so worried about this, I would suggest you to be just absolutely relax. When we can’t remove it. Definitely we can slow down or fade it by taking some precautions and pigmentation skincare treatment. By the usage of products, without a doubt you will start getting some percentage of relief in no time.

Understanding And Tips To Fade Pigmentation Skincare

Let us understand Pigmentation: In the generation of pigmentation, you will find that the colour of the skin starts getting darker from some areas which is known as  hyperpigmentation. Indeed, It can be said as Discoloration or uneven skin.
Understand how Pigmentation occurs: scientifically if we understand hyperpigmentation is occurring due to the increase of melanin in our body. Melanin is the natural pigment which is present in everyone. Due to Melanin, we get the color of our eyes, hair, skin, tongue, etc. It should be noted that there are so many reasons which are responsible or can say trigger the increase of Melanin in our body. But, generally, in some cases’ pigmentation can be occurred by excessive sun exposure, by taking very hard medicines due to illness, age, pregnancy hormones, vitamin deficiency, intake of insulin, usage of chemicals or can be naturally. It is found that generally, the uncovered area gets pigmentation like face, hands, arms along with the back neck area.

Useful Information On Pigmentation

  • There are certain pigmentation skincare products which accelerate mixed with skin and decrease the pigmentation, wrinkles, marks, acne, sunburn, premature ageing, dark spot, blemishes, etc.
  • Apart from the regular health checkup. Hyperpigmentation can be removed by several products, cosmetic surgeries, a kitchen made remedies, treatments, etc.. 
  • Moreover, if we talk about the kitchen made remedies – it includes apple cider vinegar, aloe Vera, red onion, green tea extract, black tea water, liquorice extract, milk, tomato paste, orchid extract, red lentils, etc.
  • Furthermost, It is advised that always create a thin layer of SPF30 according to skin type after moisturizer. Hardly matters day is sunny, cloudy and rainy. Also, should always take precautions.
  • Try to cover yourself maximum while going out or can say less exposure will also start giving results.

Important Information: – Chick Talks always advised that always refer dermatologist for any skin issue

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