Life under the heating plate

Life under the heating plate

These 8 chicks are from 12 hours to 36 hours and look how they enjoy the heating plate by pressing up against it! It is lower near the back and higer at the front – so they can lay down and sleep and still be warm or stand up touching it – or stand up without touching it (if they are too hot).

The purpose of the heating plate is obviously to keep the chicks warm, but also to do it in a way that resembles being under a warm hen. The air around the chicks are not as hot as under a heat lamp, but they keep warm by pushing their backs up against the warm plate. This also strengthen their physics and they will actually often stand up while sleeping.

However I always keep the plate angled so they can lay down and still keep warm or they can move to the front if they prefer to stand up.

Another advantage is that they follow normal shifts in daylight and is not in 24/7 light as with a traditional heating lamp. You can check out one of my other posts here if you want to see the heating plate being unboxed. I can only recommend getting one and get rid of the heating lamp. Much better for the chicks and will save you quite some money too as the watt consumption is MUCH lower. This particular plate is only using 60 watt covering up to 20-30 chicks.


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