Will it hatch?? (UPDATE: YES!!)
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Will it hatch?? (UPDATE: YES!!)

I have 14 eggs ready for hatching – expected within the next 48 hours – follow it live on webcam here. But oh no! I dropped one when I removed the cradle… will it still hatch? Or did I kill it 🙁

This time I tried a different approach. Instead of filling the incubator I only added water to a few glasses. That means I have only had about 30% humidity and I hope this will make a difference on my success rate. If you read my other posts I have had some issues with many dead-in-shell chicks.


UPDATE 1 MAY 2017:

It hatched!! Despite the drop and 3 days in the incubator in a broken shell, it hatched and is now a lively chicken running around with the others in the brooder!

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